Thursday, February 13, 2014

kennedy in the city & nyfw fall 2014: trina turk & hats, hats, hats

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Aaaaaaand we're back! On the West Coast, that is. After an insane week of early wake-up calls and late nights at at the office (not to mention many red velvet cupcakes later), New York Fashion Week is officially over! I caught a 7:00 am flight out of wintry NYC this morning just before the snowstorm hit, saying "laterz" to the Big Apple... for now.

But I'm getting ahead of my sugar-high self (blame the giant bag of Skittles next to me).

Last Thursday, after a night in Spokane for the Portland Pilots basketball game against the Gonzaga Bulldogs, I awoke from a deep slumber on a friend's couch at the devil's hour of 4:30 am. After flying from Spokane to Denver, then Denver to La Guardia, I eventually arrived in NYC around 6:30 pm. Psyched to be greeted by a city of white, I was instead greeted by yellow... which, let's be honest, is completely okay with me. I desperately needed a cab anyways.

Friday morning came faster than even I expected, but it's hard not to want to wake up (even for me!) when this is what greets you out the window. Well, hello gorgeous.

After a quick roundup at the office (and plenty of "OMG HEY! HOW ARE YOU?!" reunions), the rest of the interns and I were rounded up and shipped to the destination of the Trina Turk Fall 2014 presentation. 

Here's Trina Turk herself chatting with a reporter about the inspiration behind her line! I casually eavesdropped, of course, finding out that she imagined her Fall 2014 line on a girl who was cruisin Sunset Ave in Los Angeles during the summer with a hat on and tousled hair. I think I'd be okay being a Trina Turk girl...

This collection was primarily dominated by the juxtaposition between florals and geometrics, and duh, hats. Hats hats hats.

If you're looking for a more in-depth (and professional sounding) review of Trina's Fall 2014 collection, check out Women's Wear Daily's recap and photos of each individual outfit.

But seriously - THESE SUITS THOUGH. #yes

Comin' up next: Kenneth Cole!

Here's a sneak peak: remember Floop from Spy Kids? And we're basically gonna be #livinonaprayer.

Plus: what do you think of my new look / blog name?! I wanna hear what you think! Giant thank you & shout-out to Brielle with Studio 3eleven for making this blog 10 million times more bad ass.

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