Sunday, April 6, 2014

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College graduation is almost upon the Class of 2014 at the University of Portland, so excuse me while I simultaneously weep in my room and "YOLO" to everything else. Be back soon, my people. #senioritis

Monday, March 10, 2014

nyfw 2014: nanette lepore and songs of style

As quickly as I can finish a bag of Skittles (approximately 10.9 seconds, give or take), NYFW Fall 2014 came to an end. The week finished with a bang as Nanette Lepore and Cynthia Rowley showed their collections for this coming fall.

Nanette Lepore, as popular as she is, is always one of the best shows for celeb sightseeing - cue Kelly Rutherford and Sarita Choudhury.

Nanette Lepore also had a visit from Disney Channel star, Peyton List. Who dresses infinitely better than I did when I was 16-years-old (but I guess that isn't difficult when you compare it to my basketball shorts and cut off t-shirts).

Cynthia Rowley chose an off-site location for her presentation, opting for a pretty sweet event. Literally.


It doesn't hurt that since it was a presentation, it was basically a party. Bring on the drinks and celebs.

Nearly passed out when blogger Aimee Song of Song of Style posed for a picture with fellow interns Alex, Ryen, and I. Then succeeded to chat with us about the presentation. BTW, she's a jokester. And it was awesome.

What were your favorite collections from the NYFW Fall 2014 runway?

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

nyfw fall 2014: kenneth cole, what's real & what's for show?

Sorry for the brief hiatus, darlings. It seems that when you take off a week of school to jet to NYC for NY Fashion Week, you have muoy catching up to do when you return to the real world.

But! Let us continue in the recapping of this February's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!

Every good NYC PR girl story begins with a steaming cup of coffee... or at least this one does. Birch has not only delicious brew, but a coffeeshop that is so trendy, it rivals Portland! And that's sayin' somethin.

On the agenda today was only one show: Kenneth Cole. As the rule-breaker that he is, Kenneth Cole always wants to strike a certain tone with each show, typically with some sort of social media ring to it. This show was no different, begging the question: what can we believe on social media these days?

And let's be honest with each other here: we don't even know anymore. With social media silently taking over the world, it's difficult to know who's putting a PR spin on their own story, presenting their life in a way that isn't necessarily true.

Sure, Kenneth Cole's ultimate goal with this video was to showcase his clothes, but it argues a larger question that is hard to ignore in today's society: what's real and what's for show?

Other than the mind-boggling question, I was digging the hair the models were rockin'. 

One of the best parts about Kenneth Cole's show is that it's off-site - meaning, it isn't under the big white tents at Lincoln Center. But it gives each show of his it's own character! This last set up was my personal favorite - the models weaved through each row of seating, giving everyone in attendance prime views of each look.

There were, of course, a few VIPs in attendance - including a few of my favorites (and The City alums!) Roberta Meyers and Joe Zee! They perch on the end of their bench just below, in the front row, facing the runway.

Killer shoes, Robbie.

And then, who can disregard Jon Bon Jovi and Michael Strahan? I definitely can't.


What do you think of Kenneth Cole's show?
Do you put your own PR spin on your social media life?

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

kennedy in the city & nyfw fall 2014: trina turk & hats, hats, hats

image via pinterest

Aaaaaaand we're back! On the West Coast, that is. After an insane week of early wake-up calls and late nights at at the office (not to mention many red velvet cupcakes later), New York Fashion Week is officially over! I caught a 7:00 am flight out of wintry NYC this morning just before the snowstorm hit, saying "laterz" to the Big Apple... for now.

But I'm getting ahead of my sugar-high self (blame the giant bag of Skittles next to me).

Last Thursday, after a night in Spokane for the Portland Pilots basketball game against the Gonzaga Bulldogs, I awoke from a deep slumber on a friend's couch at the devil's hour of 4:30 am. After flying from Spokane to Denver, then Denver to La Guardia, I eventually arrived in NYC around 6:30 pm. Psyched to be greeted by a city of white, I was instead greeted by yellow... which, let's be honest, is completely okay with me. I desperately needed a cab anyways.

Friday morning came faster than even I expected, but it's hard not to want to wake up (even for me!) when this is what greets you out the window. Well, hello gorgeous.

After a quick roundup at the office (and plenty of "OMG HEY! HOW ARE YOU?!" reunions), the rest of the interns and I were rounded up and shipped to the destination of the Trina Turk Fall 2014 presentation. 

Here's Trina Turk herself chatting with a reporter about the inspiration behind her line! I casually eavesdropped, of course, finding out that she imagined her Fall 2014 line on a girl who was cruisin Sunset Ave in Los Angeles during the summer with a hat on and tousled hair. I think I'd be okay being a Trina Turk girl...

This collection was primarily dominated by the juxtaposition between florals and geometrics, and duh, hats. Hats hats hats.

If you're looking for a more in-depth (and professional sounding) review of Trina's Fall 2014 collection, check out Women's Wear Daily's recap and photos of each individual outfit.

But seriously - THESE SUITS THOUGH. #yes

Comin' up next: Kenneth Cole!

Here's a sneak peak: remember Floop from Spy Kids? And we're basically gonna be #livinonaprayer.

Plus: what do you think of my new look / blog name?! I wanna hear what you think! Giant thank you & shout-out to Brielle with Studio 3eleven for making this blog 10 million times more bad ass.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back to the Big Apple for New York Fashion Week

It's that time again. That dose of crazy that comes in pretty packaging, like gorgeous models and stunning clothing (and occasionally some very fashionista pups).

It's New York Fashion Week, my people.

So forgive my absence for the next week or so, I'll be working into the wee hours of the night with my fellow intern and trendy friend Dakota, who you'll probably recognize as one of my partners-in-crime from this summer at Linda Gaunt Communications.

Until I return, please be entertained by these photos I snapped at last September's NYFW, or feel free to follow along with me as I document this spring's looks fresh off the runway on my instagram and twitter, @jujubeekennedy.

Maybe I'll casually slip into the back of another celeb's shot?...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 3: Awkward Make-Outs and "Natural Chemistry"

Another week, another dose of good ol' fashioned drama.

What? You've never been trapped in a mansion with 20 other love-crazed chicks?

Oh, nevermind then.

image via

Juan Pablo seems to be playing all of his cards right - basically, he's perfect - and does everyone a favor by taking Cassandra out for the first one-on-one of the week. We (along with Cassandra, who had a mild breakdown last week) all appreciate that Juan doesn't want to waste her time, and knows that they should figure out sooner than later if they even have chemistry.

So, naturally, he takes her on a date that involves a weird looking Jeep that casually transforms into a BOAT. I'm convinced that Juan, himself, is a transformer.

Since Cassandra is my age (literally, when the show filmed she was 21 and now she's 22), I like to pick on her. Like this line, "I think Juan Pablo is.... uhhhhhh lot of fun." Do you though, Cassandra? But as much as I hate to admit it, they're kinda cute together. Damnit, and a really good looking couple. Cue the make-out session in the water that's kinda gross, and I'm pretty sure I don't want to see that again.

Then Juan Pabs takes Cassandra BACK TO HIS HOUSE to make DINNER TOGETHER. Um what?! It may be the jealousy talking through me from the other girls but... to his house?? Then he sexily attempts to dance with her, and even though we're expecting some sort of beautiful collision of amazing dancers (she was, after all, a professional NBA dancer), it just ends up being really awkward. Does she even remember how to dance?! And, let's be honest... we all just would rather watch Juan Pabs' dance by himself.

Back at the mansion, Renee and Elise are chatting reasons why they came on the show. Renee shares her single mom story, and America falls more in love with her. Elise shares her dying mom story, and America gets really sad... and confused. Her mom's wish was for her to go on The Bachelor?

She also won't stop talking about how she is confident about her connection with Juan Pabs, and that she is certain she will receive the other one-on-one date with Juan Pabs, since her only real competition is Chelsie. "Chelsie is cute but... Juan Pablo and I have a definite connection." Which only makes it obvious that she isn't going to get it, since she won't shut up about it.

The group date arrives, and Juan takes his ladies to the LA Galaxy stadium. First of all: BEST GROUP DATE IDEA EVER! Seriously. Walking / playing on the very hallowed ground that Beckam himself graced? I would die of happiness.

But apparently not the rest of the girls... most of them reveal that they have never even put cleats on before.

Like... What? What did you even do in your childhood if you didn't play soccer?! The ABC producers must have picked the most uncoordinated applicants, because when they all play against each other, it just looks like a bunch of good-looking women running into each other. It's actually kind of entertaining, but then Juan Pabs steps in and it becomes my favorite game of soccer ever played (besides every World Cup Championship won by Brasil).

Every time Sharleen gets hit (especially in the face) I feel a small victory inside of me. I'm counting down the days until when she is finally sent home. "I definitely blocked the ball with various body parts... including my face."

The time comes for a little cocktail party in the stadium and even though there's no drunk Brasilian girl talking about mounting Juan Pabs and then locking herself in a bathroom stall, there's still drama.

Nikki is super nervous to open up to Juan Pabs, and admits to the camera confessional, "The whole pressure of a short conversation is nerve-wrecking." Um... what? The thought of carrying on a small conversation frightens you?! But Juan Pabs is perfect and puts her immediately at ease, and let's be honest, this isn't shocking.

Andi and Juan sneak off to the kitchens to share a super romantic make-out. I approve.

At the mansion, Elise is mentally preparing herself for receiving the date card that OF COURSE has her name on it, because her and Juan Pablo have a connection unlike anyone else's! Said no one ever on The Bachelor or Bachelorette. She complains about Chelsie being too young to Cassandra who, herself, is barely old enough to drink legally. The date card comes, and it's Chelsie, with Juan telling her to trust him.

Back at the stadium, Sharleen kidnaps Juan and they go out to center field of the stadium. He showers her with compliments, and all she does is accept them. Selfish! "We have natural chemistry," says Juan. "You think we have natural chemistry?" questions Sharleen. NEVER QUESTION HIM, SHARLEEN. Then they make-out and all the girls watch. It's probably the most awkward make-out I have ever encountered... including my own first make-out session. It's a hard one to top.

For the next one-on-one, Juan picks up Chelsie and they grab some Venezuelan grub. Then he leads her to a bridge... to jump off of. Telling ABC producers that you're afraid of heights is begging them to make you bungee jump, which is what they are at the bridge for! After some adorably accented persuading, they make the jump and share a spiderman-esque kiss while hanging upside down. Aww.

Juan Pabs surprises the ladies the next morning by making a delish Venezuelan breakfast... in their mansion. While a few of the ladies have minor freak-outs ("My grandmother said to never let a man see you without your face on," said Kelly, the dog lover), big shout outs go to Renee, Danielle, and a few other ladies who confidently stride downstairs and give Juan Pabs a hug.

Very soon after, it is decided that instead of the stuffy cocktail parties they normally have, they would all take off their clothes and have a pool party. AKA SHIRTLESS JUAN PABS PEOPLE.

Kat very quickly becomes one of my favorites when she remembers that this is a competition and Juan Pablo is the sexy prize, something that many ladies have forgotten when they watch Kat get cozy and proceed to get extremely jealous, even calling her a "whore." Play nice, ladies! Or honestly, don't. Because you're here to compete, something you all forgot! Kat's a winner.

Sharleen decides that because she isn't the one inappropriately touching Juan Pabs for once, she would get attention another way, and starts to cry because of all of the cameras. Juan's sixth sense kicks in and he quickly locates the crying woman, soothing her with healing kisses.

Clare witnesses the healing kisses and retreats to the bathroom to weep, where Renee (who similarly has a sixth sense for weeping women) follows to make things better. Juan Pabs soon follows as well, and Clare is soon reassured about her time being spent at the mansion. The week alone has really offended her personally.

Their day of fun in the sun comes to an end much too quickly, as Chris Harrison arrives (fully clothed, unfortunately) to tell the ladies of the impending rose ceremony. Christy (seriously... WHO ARE YOU? I have never seen you on this show) and Lucy (NOO DON'T LEAVE!) are the unlucky ladies to be sent home. While Christy has some sob story about not opening up, Lucy parts with some lovely words for the other contestants, "I hope everyone here gets what they are looking for. Each one of them deserves to find love."

Only 13 lovely and annoying ladies left.

Who are emerging as your own personal favorites?
Which ones do you hope go home quicker than Lucy could take off her clothes?